Why Are the NBA's Biggest Losers, Treated Like Champs! MJ Fans Bias, and...

    NBA greatness often gets summed up in three words: count the rings.

    As LeBron James, Michael Jordan and countless others can attest, a player's place among the all-time legends is questioned until he wins that first championship. It serves as validation of a player's dominance over his peers.

    For some NBA stars, that validation either never came or still has yet to come.

    Luckily, greatness isn't just defined by the number of NBA championship rings a player amasses over the course of his career. While those who won titles can always hold something over those who never did (see: O'Neal, Shaquille and Barkley, Charles, respectively), plenty of the league's legends still remain ringless.

    Here, I've ranked the 25 best players never to win a championship based on four major factors: their career PER, win shares, statistical milestones and number of NBA Finals appearances. Any players with at least eight years of NBA service, either active or retired, are included, with the obvious caveat that the active players still have a chance to work their way off this list in the coming seasons.

    Who ranks as the NBA's ultimate Lord of No Rings? Let's explore.

    Note: Unless otherwise noted, all advanced statistics come from Basketball-Reference.

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