A Storm at ESPN Over Rachel Nichols Comments on Maria Taylor | Top ESPN ...

Longtime ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols is used to being the one shining light on breaking news. Now it appears she’s the subject of the latest bombshell report that reveals a borderline racist rant caught on video.

Back in July 2020 during the NBA Playoffs in the Orlando Bubble, Rachel Nichols was reportedly upset due to the fact that Maria Taylor, a Black woman, was getting to cover the NBA Finals when Nichols herself expected to be the one getting that job.

She was venting her frustrations on a phone call with Adam Mendelsohn, a PR advisor of LeBron James, while confined to her room in a Disney hotel, but she didn’t realize her video was still on. That video has since made the rounds within ESPN. The recording was apparently due to her unfamiliarity with the new equipment, which they started using as the pandemic hit.

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