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Kwame Brown

“I was born in 2001,” is a joke I like to say with my friends because in that year I became a McDonald’s All American, Mr. Georgia and the number 1 NBA Draft Pick. A young man from Brunswick, Georgia who loved his country lifestyle became a public figure. One that was well-known and well-liked until the media labeled me a bust. I went from a kid who couldn’t afford Jordan’s in elementary school to a kid who played with Jordan for the Washington Wizards Franchise. With great achievement comes great responsibility. I learned very early to compete, work hard and appreciate everything you get in life. I am one of eight children, seven boys and one girl. So in my house I learned if you snooze you lose. I have worked my entire life with a smile on my face. I enjoyed being able to help my mother at age 14 when I was hired for my first job. I think it’s this blue collar mindset that helps me keep accomplishing things people only dream of. Mindset! Mindset is key you have to be in it to win it. Try not to ever let fear or negative thoughts get into your head and stop you from taking the first steps to reach success, which is to try. Most people let fear of failure control all of their decisions. I made up my mind as a child I wasn't going to ever do that. I told myself positive things on a daily basis. I would see a problem and figure out a way to deal with it then move on from it. As a child I told my mother I would buy her a house one day. I had no idea how I was going to make this happen but I kept saying it to my mother until one day I was able to make good on that promise. Thinking positive is very hard to do but it’s very important to your mental health and can be the driving force to your success. In America when people say “I can’t” I say “I can” because although I fell short of some of my goals the standard I set was so high that I could be proud of where I landed. People will remember Kwame Brown. This is the land of opportunity, but life is about choices. I hope that you enjoy learning more about Kwame Brown the man and I hope I am able to ignite your ingenuity or support the goals you set for yourself. 

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