Kevin Samuels Petition Creator Admits "Its Was All For Clout!" | Petitio...

Black Women Start Petition, Call On Big Tech Censorship Police To Ban Dating Advice Guru Kevin Samuels

There’s no denying that dating advice guru Kevin Samuels pisses off lots of women with his pro-alpha-male views. A standout in the manosphere, Samuels posts in-your-face YouTube shows about relationships and dating that have attracted 1.05 million subscribers.

An image consultant-turned-dating/gender-role guru, Samuels has a YouTube channel that features videos with subjects such as “Do Modern Women Want More Than They ‘Deserve’?“, ”Do High-Value Men Deserve To Cheat?,” and “Ladies, The Older You Get The Less You Get.” His Dec. 9, 2020 video titled “You’re Average at Best” targeted women who desire high-powered men but are, as Samuels likes to say, “average at best.” The video got about 1.5 million views.

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