Why is Magic Johnson so overrated? | Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State...

Magic Johnson.

Both ESPN and SI have him in their top 5, which is crazy.

At no point in time was Magic the best player in the league. He didn't deserve any of his three MVPs. Bird was better at the beginning part of their careers, and although Magic won more championships, Bird outplayed Magic until his back went out. Bird is underrated, and Magic is overrated. Jordan was better than Magic during each of Magic's MVP years, and even Bird was better in Magic's first, but they got sick of giving it to Bird.

Let's think of other people. LeBron would have crushed Magic. I think he has him beat on almost every dimension, except maybe court vision. Kareem was also way better. Even Shaq dominated in a way that Magic never could, and probably Olajuwon too at his peak.

I saw his entire career, and he just isn't as good as people make him out to be. He had a great nickname, a great personality, and he played on great teams, but he was not that dominant of a player.

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