2022 NCAA Tournament Bracket Advice | Top UPSETS to watch out for in you...

No matter what you hear for the next few days, just know there is no right way to pick your bracket for the 2022 NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament.

Millions and millions have tried to fill out a perfect bracket and it has never happened. If there was a statistical way to reliably predict what will happen in March Madness, someone would have figured it out by now and Las Vegas would have a much harder time paying its electricity bill.

So just go with your gut.

That's what I did.

And after several hours of writing about why I made the picks that I made in the span of about two minutes, those rapid-fire decisions pretty well align with the conclusions I would've come to if spending half an hour agonizing over each and every pick.

Now, because my gut has spent the vast majority of the past four months feasting on hours upon hours of games and data, it's theoretically better conditioned for those gut picks than yours is. So if you find yourself struggling with what to do in a certain matchup or you just want to straight-up copy someone's picks for a bracket pool, what's mine is yours.

But if you follow me into the unknown and you find yourself winning a whole bunch of jelly beans when we end up with a Gonzaga-Arizona championship, my DMs are open, all right? Share the wealth.

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