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Is Steph Curry a top 10 player of all time?

When Stephen Curry became big-time in the NBA scene, he and the Golden State Warriors completely changed the way that the game is played today. The NBA is currently in the 3PT era, with every team trying to gain an advantage from range. There is no player in history that has shot the ball at the same level as Stephen Curry. Curry has been dominating the NBA in his own way, and that dominance has resulted in 3 NBA championships.

LeBron James And His Haters

Why Do So Many NBA Fans Still Hate LeBron James?

Last week, ESPN asked a poll of 600 NBA fans to name their preference for Michael Jordan or LeBron James across 17 different categories, ranging from “Better player overall” to who they’d rather “Have a drink with.” Jordan swept every single question, commandingly, with some of the largest disparities reported in “Better sneaker for fashion” (79% for Jordan), “Pick for game-winning shot” (76%) and “Spectacular to watch play” (74%). When ESPN published the results, its headline included the phrase “Michael Jordan Better Than LeBron James in Every Way.” #stephencurry #lebronJames #michaeljordan #NBA #dallasmavericks #goldenstatewarriors

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