Rich Paul Says Lebron James Faced More Obstacles Than Jordan | Michael ...

LeBron James is, without any hesitation, one of the greatest players in NBA history. The King has done everything during his career, earning individual and collective accolades during 19 seasons, and becoming one of the most honored players to ever live. 

Even at age 37, with 19 seasons on his back, he's still playing at the highest level, a little slower but a lot smarter. It wasn't an easy journey, but Bron made it and helped those who were with him from Day 1. 

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar was selected as the No. 2 greatest player of all time on The Athletic's top 75 list. With Michael Jordan finishing at the top, it was expected to see comparisons between His Airness and The King. They had to go through a lot to earn their positions in the league, but for one LeBron's associate, LBJ had to face bigger obstacles than Michael ever did. 

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